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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day everyone!
Today the highlights of my day so far were: While I was getting ready for church this morning Aiden was watching me put on my makeup and he kept saying Pritty mommy Pritty! and it just melted my heart <3
Church was awesome talking about staying community no matter what and loving each other being open and how we have an adversary who is wanting to take that away - alot through offense... a reminder to be open if we are hurt and not just disappear!
My husband got me a very sweet card for Valentines day and that made my heart soar too! He has a special date planned tonight and I don't know where we are going yet! Right now I am just enjoying the quietness of the house since all are napping - even my hubby! I snapped a couple pics of the kids for Valentines day <3

Kaelin all dressed for Vday playing with mommy's bracelet

Brother sister love! Couldn't get an individual photo of Aiden cause he wouldnt stand still long enough! :/

Friday, January 22, 2010

a month later......

wow so I am not good at blogging... it feels like just yesterday I posted a blog! Such is the life of a busy mom I guess.... we got a new camera recently so I am excited to take photos again!! Here are a few of the kids

little miss Kaelin now has two teeth!! She is gaining weight better now... and CRAWLING! it is fun and challenging now with two little partners in crime :)

Aiden is smack dab in the terrible twos..... he is learning (with much resistance) to obey and treat everyone with kindness :)

I put Kaelin in the back of Aiden's big dump truck and let him push her around - they both thought this was great fun!

Oh how I love my littles and thanks Jesus for them every day!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009


I am super bummed today because I dropped my camera when it was on and it fell on the lens and made it jam in a little which in turn made the camera stop working completely!! >.<>

Jeff snapped this pic on his phone this morning when Aiden was seeing the tree for the first time :) He was mesmerized by the lights, and of course Elmo and Cookie Monster! It was cool to see him excited about it and I thought this pic was pretty neat!

One the things we really struggle with is Aiden eating any kind of vegetable - he will humor us and put it in his mouth but then spit it out right away - I have a hard time with this because I don't want to force him to eat things as I know it could make him hate it for the rest of his life but I want him to eat healthy things!

We had pizza and salad for dinner tonight and AIDEN ACTUALLY ATE SALAD!!! And it was healthyish lettuce too not just Iceberg lettuce it was Romaine lettuce!! Hooray!! I was so excited about it I told Jeff I was doing a happy dance on the inside lol - I didn't want to act too excited about it in front of him or he might spit it out - such a stubborn little guy!

First Post!

I have seen some friends do blogs about their kids and so I decided I wanted to do one too... they grow up so fast and its nice to write about each moment and have it documented some how so you don't forget all those precious moments!

Today we took the kids to see santa... it was just at walmart but it was fun to see their reactions! They acted opposite of how I thought it would be - I thought Aiden would love him and Kaelin would cry... Aiden cried and wanted to run away and Kaelin sat there grinning with handfuls of santas beard...

they gave us a photo to keep of each child with a fun candy cane border! Classic crying kid with santa photo lol
Santa was covering up her cute outfit I put her in.. it said Santa loves me and Ho Ho Ho!

Aiden was trying so hard to get away he lost a shoe! Poor santa.... haha he gave him two candy canes though which Aiden was very stoked about!

when I got her back from Santa she had handfuls of his acrylic beard in her hands - he was worried she would eat it :)