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Monday, December 7, 2009

First Post!

I have seen some friends do blogs about their kids and so I decided I wanted to do one too... they grow up so fast and its nice to write about each moment and have it documented some how so you don't forget all those precious moments!

Today we took the kids to see santa... it was just at walmart but it was fun to see their reactions! They acted opposite of how I thought it would be - I thought Aiden would love him and Kaelin would cry... Aiden cried and wanted to run away and Kaelin sat there grinning with handfuls of santas beard...

they gave us a photo to keep of each child with a fun candy cane border! Classic crying kid with santa photo lol
Santa was covering up her cute outfit I put her in.. it said Santa loves me and Ho Ho Ho!

Aiden was trying so hard to get away he lost a shoe! Poor santa.... haha he gave him two candy canes though which Aiden was very stoked about!

when I got her back from Santa she had handfuls of his acrylic beard in her hands - he was worried she would eat it :)

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